Displaced Communities

Germans of Russia/Soviet Union
(over 700,000 expelled)

Baltic Germans (over 150,000
displaced by Hitler and Stalin)

Germans of Yugoslavia
(over 200,000 expelled, imprisoned, displaced, emigrated, 98.5% total)

Volga Germans (over 400,000 expelled by Soviets to Kazakhstan)

Dutch Germans (3,691 expelled,
15% of German population)

Prussian Germans of now Poland
(8-10,000,000 by Poland & USSR)

Alsace-Lorraine Germans of France
(100-200,000 expelled after WWI)

Germans of Czechoslovakia
(over 3,000,000 expelled
and displaced, 95% total)

Germans of Hungary
(over 100,000 expelled, over
300,000 displaced, 75% total)

Germans of Romania
(over 700,000 or 91.5% displaced by Hitler, the USSR, & mass emigration)

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Commemoration of German expellees ignored by the German, Czech, and Polish governments

The problem of classifying German expellees as a 'genocide'

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the disappearance of the german MINORITY from poland through expulsion

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(Top Left:) The flag of the Kingdom of Prussia, which led the reunification of Germany by 1871. (Top Right:) the flag of the Teutonic Order, a German crusading order that ruled most of the Baltic and Prussia for centuries. (Bottom Left:) the flag of the Silesians. (Bottom Right:) The flag of East Pomerania. These regions are equally as important to Polish and Baltic history as they are to the Germans.

Included displaced German minourity groups in this region: Prussians, Wartheland Germans, Silesian Germans, Galician Germans, Danzig Germans, Pomeranians