Displaced Communities

displaced by Hitler & Stalin; 95%+)

(over 200,000 expelled, imprisoned, displaced, emigrated; 98.5% total)

VOLGA GERMANS (over 400,000 expelled by Soviets to Kazakhstan)

DUTCH GERMANS (3,691 expelled,
15% of German population)

(100-200,000 expelled after WWI)

(over 3,000,000 expelled
and displaced; 95% total)

(over 100,000 expelled, over
300,000 displaced; 88% of total)

(over 700,000 or 91.5% displaced by Hitler, USSR, & emigration)

US Internment of German-Americans, Japanese, & Italians
(10,906+ interned & blacklisted) NEW!

(over 5,000,000 expelled and displaced, nearly 100%) COMING SOON

(nearly 1,000,000 to Germany and Kazakhstan) COMING SOON

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From Poland, to Czechoslovakia, to Occupied Germany: My Flight from the Red Army to the West
(memoir about wartime flight & Jewish, Polish, & German daily life near Auschwitz) NEW!

Daily Diary of Forced Labor in the Mines of Soviet Ukraine NEW!

The problem of classifying German expellees as a 'genocide'

Why the German, Czech, and Polish governments reject expellee commemoration

Distorted historical memory and ethnic nationalism as a cause for forgetting expellees

Ethnic bias and nationalist revisionism among scholars as a cause for forgetting expellees

The History and Failure of Expellee Politics and Commemoration NEW!

Expellee scholarship on the occupations of Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland, 1918-1945

Sexual Violence and Gender in Expellee Scholarship and Narratives

Comparative Genocide Table

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The IREG readily seeks affiliation with other academic or research institutes and independent groups. If you would like to affiliate your organisation or website with us, please submit an application. Only RELEVANT groups related to the timeframe or to genocide and refugee displacement will be accepted, including forums, websites, businesses, libraries, foundations, personal websites, etc.

We are especially looking to affiliate with research organisations devoted to documentating the displacement of other ethnic or religious groups, like the Jews, Armenians, Hungarians, Chechens, Ingush, Bosniaks, Serbs, Albanians, etc.

Criteria for affiliation with IREG:
1) absolutely NO extremist websites (far-left, far-right, Nazi, or racialist).
2) NO websites or individuals defending the actions of the Nazis or irredentist claims to Prussia, etc.
3) we will NOT be implicated or linked with the actions, beliefs, or statements of our partners.
4) the affiliated organisation must mutually advertise. If our link or banner disappears from your site, so will yours.

Keep in mind that since we are NOT a political or activist group, we DO NOT SUPPORT any political agendas or arguments of our affiliates. These are strictly research and advertisement relationships.


German World Alliance - representing ethnic German interests in Germany, Austria, USA, and abroad. Operates in conjunction with human rights groups and even the United Nations (CLICK IMAGE)

INOGS - a prominent scholarly circle of academics researching ethnic cleansing, displacement, and genocide in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and abroad (CLICK IMAGE)

Stiftung Flucht Vertreibung Versoehnung - the scholarly circle of researchers comparing the displacement of Germans, Poles, and other groups. Working with the German government on the Center Against Expulsion (Zentrum gegen Vertreibung).(CLICK IMAGE)

Unrecognised Peoples and Nations Organisation - a civil and cultural rights organisation representing groups as diverse as Afrikaaners, Tupi tribes of Brazil, and Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh (CLICK IMAGE)

European Union of Exiled and Expelled Peoples - a research group documenting comparative ethnic cleansing and displacement across Europe (CLICK IMAGE)

Molidorf.com - a leading research network documenting demographic losses in Molidorf (former Yugoslavia) and other villages at the micro level. Also rife with individual narratives and records. (CLICK IMAGE)

A Dutch-language organisation documenting the expulsion and arrest of German minorities in the Netherlands after World War II (CLICK IMAGE)

Our partner, an international effort bringing Czech, Polish, and German scholars and survivors together to commemorate the history of the Sudetenland and the town of Srpska (CLICK IMAGE)

our affiliate our affiliate
Asociación de Descendientes de Alemanes del Volga de Gualeguaychú

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