Displaced Communities

Baltic Germans (over 150,000
displaced by Hitler and Stalin)

Germans of Yugoslavia
(over 200,000 expelled, imprisoned, displaced, emigrated, 98.5% total)

Volga Germans (over 400,000 expelled by Soviets to Kazakhstan)

Dutch Germans (3,691 expelled,
15% of German population)

Alsace-Lorraine Germans of France
(100-200,000 expelled after WWI)

Germans of Czechoslovakia
(over 3,000,000 expelled
and displaced, 95% total)

Germans of Hungary
(over 100,000 expelled, over
300,000 displaced, 88% total)

Germans of Romania
(over 700,000 or 91.5% displaced by Hitler, the USSR, & mass emigration)

Germans of Poland, Prussia, Silesia
(over 5,000,000 expelled and displaced, nearly 100%) COMING SOON

Germans of Russia/Soviet Union
(nearly 1,000,000 to Germany and Kazakhstan) COMING SOON

Other Information


Commemoration of German expellees ignored by the German, Czech, and Polish governments

Distorted historical memory and ethnic nationalism as a cause for our forgetting the expelled Germans

Ethnic bias and nationalist revisionism among scholars as a cause of forgetting

The problem of classifying German expellees as a 'genocide'

Comparative Genocide Table

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the forced labour and expulsion of the germans
of the soviet union

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